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  • Ermin Kuka Fakultet za upravu, Univerzitet u Sarajevu


Dear academic and professional community, dear readers,


We have the honor and pleasure to present you the new, second in 2022, issue of the journal “Administration“, a scientific journal of administration and administrative law. The journal “Administration“ in continues since 2010,  publishing scientific and professional papers and analysis from various domains of government and administrative law. In the issue, wich in front of you, the following papers have been published: NEXT STEPS IN PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION REFORM IN BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA (Adis Arapović, Venan Hadžiselimović); BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA IN JOHN MEARSHEIMER'S CONCEPTS (Hamza Memišević); FISCAL POLICY AND ECONOMIC GROWTH:  THE CASE OF THE FEDERATION OF BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA (Marijana Galić, Elma Šatrović, Adnan Muslija, Melika Arifhodžić); SOCIAL EXCLUSION OF WOMEN OF CIVIL VICTIMS OF WAR AND THE LEGISLATIVE FRAMEWORK FOR THE PROTECTION OF THEIR RIGHTS (Alma Hajrić-Čaušević); CHAOSOLOGY AND POSTMODERN RESEARCH: A CONTRIBUTION TO THE DEVELOPMENT OF NEW METHODOLOGICAL DIRECTIONS (Ermin Kuka); HUMANITY AND CIVILIZATION AT A HISTORICAL TURNING POINT (Almir Grabovica).

Topics represent an important segment in the understanding, knowledge and insights that are of scientific and wider social importance. The thematic units covered by this issue of the journal are a combination of different approaches to public administration and all other aspects that are more or less related to administration.

In the period after the publication of the journal number 1/2022, Editorial Board is to increase the visibility of the journal “Administration“ in the new international databases. The result of joint efforts in this direction is the recent reference of the journal to new international databases: SIS (Scientific Indexing Services). Also, thanks to the Dean of the Faculty of Administration prof. dr. Emir Tahirović, the procedure of indexing journals in the Web of Science (WoS) database has been officially launched.

In addition to thanking the Editorial Board for these successes, we would like to express our special gratitude to all the authors and contributors who have given and will continue to make a great contribution to increasing the visibility of the journal.

We thank, once again, our authors, readers, editorial staff, governing bodies of the Faculty of Administration and the University of Sarajevo, representatives of scientific bases in which the journal is indexed and all those who have contributed to the development of the journal in recent years.

On behalf of the Editors of the Journal, the best regards and recommendations for this issue.

Ermin Kuka, PhD

 Editor in Chief


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